Sometimes you have to remind yourself…

Sometimes you have to remind yourself where and how it all started for you. It’s very easy while you’re at the top, to lose your humility and forget what it felt like to:

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Progressive or Nah?

The question is who should care if a company is progressive or nah? Why does it matter to you? or better yet, Why should it matter to you? Does anyone even notice? blah blah blah.

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Sigh of Relief?

It’s funny to see my wife go through a Series of Supplemental Vitamins for her hair, face, skin, nails, etc. Although I think she is the most beautiful Woman in the World, she’s convinced that some of these supplemental vitamins are going to solve her issues one day. During dinner a couple of days ago, […]

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Head Buffalo or Flock of Geese?

So in my effort to try to describe the 2 different styles of Leadership, I’m using the Analogy of a Head Buffalo and Flock of Geese style of Leadership. I like to read Leadership books, and listen to Audio Books while I’m at work. It keeps me focused and challenges me to sharpen my Leadership […]

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Death to Quality Time with…

I’ve been wanting to share my thoughts and opinion on this Topic for quite some time now. Being that I was caught up in a World Wide Web of Social Media Posts, Emails, News and Application that consume your attention, I feel guilty enough to say “been there done that” 3 Years ago my wife […]

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