New Year Resolution?

My New Year Resolution is to help everyone challenge themselves Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, etc.

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Sigh of Relief?

It’s funny to see my wife go through a Series of Supplemental Vitamins for her hair, face, skin, nails, etc. Although I think she is the most beautiful Woman in the World, she’s convinced that some of these supplemental vitamins are going to solve her issues one day. During dinner a couple of days ago, […]

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Why Failure is not an Option

Failure is not an option in my book. Click to find out Why?

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Tips to Optimize your Day

Strategize yourself to optimize every single day.

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Head Buffalo or Flock of Geese?

So in my effort to try to describe the 2 different styles of Leadership, I’m using the Analogy of a Head Buffalo and Flock of Geese style of Leadership. I like to read Leadership books, and listen to Audio Books while I’m at work. It keeps me focused and challenges me to sharpen my Leadership […]

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Death to Quality Time with…

I’ve been wanting to share my thoughts and opinion on this Topic for quite some time now. Being that I was caught up in a World Wide Web of Social Media Posts, Emails, News and Application that consume your attention, I feel guilty enough to say “been there done that” 3 Years ago my wife […]

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My own Blog site, at last!

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

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